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Valtakunnallinen Työpajayhdistys (TPY) – National Workshop Association (NWA) was founded by workshop professionals in 1997. It is a non-governmental organization that produces training, development and information services in the field of workshop activities and social employment for its member organizations and interest groups. The goal is to support the development of the know-how and professional skills of both organizations and workshop workers through close cooperation with the field.

The Association strives to be a developer and opinion leader that inspires discussion and builds bridges between workshops, authorities and public administration. The Association’s three fields of activity – membership services, information and quality and support  services – serve collaborating partners as well as members.

Cooperation with other actors of social employment aims to develop the entire field, one example being a publication on key concepts. Development work is carried out also with international partners.

Workshop pedagogy. Pedagogic principles of coaching in workshops